21 December 2012

Rose Says Hello!

  Rose is learning to read now!  She is also becoming a discerning television viewer.  "That girl took Spock's brain," she told me this morning.  "That not very nice.  Now he can't move because his brain is gone.  When your brain is gone, doctor have to use a mote-control."  So please, folks.  Don't take anyone's brains this holiday season.  It's not very nice.


  1. No brains? Aww rats!
    Sighs and puts them back....

  2. Hi Rose!!
    I love your turtle
    big hugs to you
    and to your Mom too

  3. What a spuper cool turtle, Rose!! I love your bracelet, you pull it off very well. :)

  4. Oh, for Pete's sake...she is getting so big and grown up! Tell Rose I think she is very pretty and smart, as well. Can't wait to see her other creations! :D


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