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Too Sexy for This Job

She was the best technician this dentist ever employed.  But he had problems because he kept sending her text messages... and thinking about her lustfully... a lot.

His wife got jealous.  And then they consulted their pastor.  Here's where the story gets really weird.

Instead of telling this man to keep it in his pants, stop mentally undressing this woman, be faithful to your wife and apologize to her, smart up and act right in the office because you are an example of how Christ would treat his employees etc etc. ... well, instead of that "crazy" and traditional way of thinking about things, the pastor must have told the guy that it must be all that strumpet's fault for inspiring these thoughts... because the dentist fired her after that little counselling session.  And it's legal!

Like us hot girls don't have enough problems, right?


  1. We had the story here in our paper, but there wasn't anything about text messages, or church counselling. Didn't mention she was the best technician either. I didn't pay much attention to it. I hope she got a better job with a better dentist.

  2. My mom was in a job where a coworker found her attractive and said horribly inappropriate things to her. He also stalked her. Things got horrible for my mom -- at work, in her inner emotional life and at home with a not so very understanding husband (He was understanding about most things but he never quite got to where he didn't believe my mom had don't something to provoke this horror of a man)... My mom was working in the state's juvenile courts division. In the end, she applied for and accepted a different job within the courts that took her away from him and placed her in another office. It was horrible! This absolutely crosses the line into sexual harassment...

    But, as an ex-military don't fraternize kind of woman, I have to say to all the young girls out there, "Your boss is not your friend or father figure. Don't text him." And, for the record (and the woman in this story didn't but I have known others that have), don't go to lunch with him unless he is taking everyone to lunch for an office Christmas party sort of thing, don't go to his house... don't pick up his dry cleaning, buy his wife's birthday gift, etc. Just don't.

    1. One of the unfortunate things about "modern" post-feminism life is that people like to think of their workplace as one big happy family. And it just isn't. You are right. I am not sure how far this "went" with the tech. I mean, I have a PCA for my son and if I were to reschedule hours and whatnot, I would text him if I had that capability. The text would not include U R so HOT though. AND that is his WORK PHONE and I would not call him at HOME unless something very awful happened/all cell service were knocked out. Just not appropriate. :)

      I am sorry about your mom. People like your mom had to go through so much to keep their jobs.

  3. how awful for her
    what a jerk
    makes me wonder what the dentist does to his unconscious patients if he can't control himself

    1. I thought that too but was kinda too scared to bring that up!!

  4. Oh, that texting part was not on the news... it was all likes. This lady's shirts were too tight. Wife didn't like it... She was fired.

    If I couldn't sue for my job back, I would sue for sexual harassment.

    1. So much not mentioned in the story, though... if she responded back in kind, wouldn't they say she enjoyed it?

      I mean, she can't keep her job if she enjoyed it. Because somehow that makes it not sexual harassment when your boss does that. (Sigh.)

  5. Don't you just love it how the pervy wanks of the world go uncorrected? I saw this article before, and while some of his texts were harmless, some were downright gross. She was in a bad spot...if she'd complained or reported him, she would have lost her job. She does nothing, and loses her job.

    You sexy women just can't get a fair shake.

    1. Oo, you got to read their texts? I just got a generic article and SURMISED all that stuff about the stupid pastor.

      What a doofus that guy is.


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