03 February 2013

All About Woodjie.

It's NO fun around this house when Woodjie is ill.  The kid still  doesn't blow or wipe his nose properly.  And he is so, so crabby.  But he won't go to sleep.

It's time to run all over the house!  And jump on the furniture and run some more and run.  It feels as though we're constantly redirecting him and finally?  It's just time for a time-out. 

He runs around some more, and we have to redirect him to take the stupid time-out already.  Woodjie was very crabby and snuffly and said he doesn't want to be with this family any more, he'd like to live at school with Miss Flower where they are nice to him.  Dad is mean.

Oh good grief.  Ordinarily it's hard to get three words out of him, but we just got an entire monologue.  I had no idea he even knew the word "family."  It is still time-out time, though.  D asked him if he were going to take that time out Dad's way, or the hard way.

"No!" he protested.  "The 'I rule the world' way!"  He sat down with his arms folded and kept a big scowl on his face.  But he did it.

I sure hope I don't have another crabby day from this kid tomorrow.  It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have so much grumpy *energy* but would just mope on the couch like a regular person...


  1. Well at least there is something good in there. Woodjie spoke full coherent sentences! Yay Woodjie!
    But I do hipe he gets better very soon, sick kids are no fun when they're at the grumpy snotty stage.

  2. Mr. Woodjie- I hope you feel better soon! No fun being grumpy and sick. I also hope you keep using your words. What a big boy you are to speak in full sentences.


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