08 February 2013

Love = Buy Scholastic Books

Dear Parents:  buying books from our book fair will improve your child's vocabulary and make him more likely to go to college.  Not buying our books means that you hate your kid and are a terrible parent.  You are under no obligation to buy any books whatsoever, but we've used class time to take your child through the fair so we could prepare this wish list.


  1. I do NOT miss those. We even had a h'schooling Mom who went as far as to run to the school and get the book fair flyers and distribute them to the local peeps.
    Why, yes! I'd love to pay three times the value of a book we can borrow at the library for free!

    1. About 99% of the Scholastic stuff is total crap. I get better literature on my kindle for absolutely free.

      Do NOT make me go on and on again about the benefits of Amazon Prime, but suffice to say seriously that the best books are the ones that are read and that add value to life somehow. :)

  2. I totally agree. Most of the "scholastic" books are twaddle.

  3. When I was a kid, my parents would buy me 1 poster or other fun item at the fair. Then we would go to the library as borrow as many books as we wished.

    Personally, I'd rather my kids own the books, but that is what Amazon.com and half.com and paperbackswap.com are for.


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