14 March 2013

Boldly Go... Retire.

George Takei and Patty Duke are now advertising for the Social Security Administration.  They encourage you to BOLDLY go and collect your cashola!  I guess they didn't have the budget to get Shatner to pose in his red velour.  Cutbacks, ya know.


  1. As if either one of them need to worry financially...even in this economy. Go boldy, alright. :/

  2. Go boldly....yes, I did. Now I need to beg for some cashola. I have a bit, but I may need to find something else to do part time or maybe volunteer work once my holiday pay runs out.

  3. Well, if we get those pesky old people to quit work and live on a fixed income... they are no longer a factor in the unemployment numbers.

    Is that snarky? I try my best not to be blocked on anyone's blog! ;)

  4. I don't quite 'get' this ... but I'm glad they are not in red velour! Have a neat weekend Chick.


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