24 July 2013

A Crazy Mom Post!

Yesterday some lady came into the local McDonald's screaming at the top of her lungs that she was getting ready to BEAT THE S*** out of her kids, and she went on and on and on. The oldest kid decided that would be a great time to sass her mom. Manager tries to see if there is "anything he can do to help" and she tells him, "You see I'm busy!" Then she started screaming at the kids about how they were going to bed when they got home. She put all the kids into her truck and drove off, still screaming.

 What a winner! 

But ohh my. I can understand parental frustration, because I'm worn out this summer myself.  Today, I had to go do some laundry and fix some stuff and I heard that "phone is off the hook" sound.  No idea how long Woodjie has been messing with it.  He said he has been talking to a girl.  She has been singing to him about cheeseburgers and how they are yummy.  After a while, he said, she didn't talk any more and that was the sound that happened.  He was able to give me some of the numbers he dialed, and I sure hope he is WRONG.  Otherwise, we are on the hook for charges to the Netherlands.  The Netherlands.  Oh boy.

So now, I've got the master bedroom locked from the OUTSIDE during the day.  Up high where little fingers can't reach it.

You would THINK running around outside for half the day with the hose running would wear kids out but ohhhh no.  I am starting to think that the admission price to a water park might be worth the cost, for all I've spent on water today.  But.  I am thinking we are "watering the grass" at the same time.  RIGHT??

Elf has been a great little helper this summer.  I just am so proud of how sweet he is, and how loving to everyone.

Mini Mr. Coffee.  SO basic.  SO cute.  I just bought him yesterday on the advice of one of my older children.  I can't believe the Royal Family swiped that poor kid's name.  The days of his getting, "Well, that's an unusual name, you hardly hear that one any more" are all. over.
The phone just rang and I thought, "It's the phone company wanting to know why we called the Netherlands!"  I know.  I'm not thinking right.  I got off the phone (stupid crank caller... grr!) to find this.  "I hungry so I eat it a apple," Woodjie explained.  Siiigh.


  1. Yep, expect that name to be 'the name' for a while.

    Love how Woodjie has a couple of bites and then politely puts it back for other people who might be hungry, too. :)

    A hose is a good time for little people with lot's of energy!!

  2. I don't know yet what "the name" is, I'm sure I'll hear it on the news tonight. I like your mini Mr Coffee. Your apple bowl reminds me of the crystal dessert dishes my mum used to have.

  3. I hope you DON'T get a big bill!
    The apple, I laughed out loud at that.
    I have a glass bowl very similar to that one too.


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