05 August 2013

Back-to-School Backpack Shopping Leads to Police Raid

New York:  Dad is internet surfing for the perfect back-to-school backpack for little Junior.  School is starting soon, you know, and now's the time to buy.  Later that evening, Mom gets a turn at the computer and decides she might want to browse for some stuff she might want.  You know that secret time we moms have when the kids are in bed and we are browsing for all kinds of forbidden and new things?  She typed "trying to learn how to cook lentils" when she thought no one was watching.

An unrelated old photograph.
Not long after, several police arrive and demand to search the house.  They ask questions about the family's ancestry and bomb-making skills.  The cops leave after a discussion about how to make quinoa and other ethnic dishes. 

Ok, so drop everything right now and look in your browser history.  Would the cops be worried about you?  Here's my list:

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay (3 episodes)
Mahjongg Dimensions game (played like, a million times)
facebook (hit "like" several times and left some bland comments)
LEGO website
Realtor.com (and yes, I look through people's houses for fun)

I think my list is about as threatening as the "how to cook lentils" and backpack searches.  Are the cops worried about you, too?  I wonder how often this happens and if the family were already under some sort of surveillance.  I know there was an unfortunate incident with a pressure cooker and a backpack, but there were also several unfortunate incidents with nuclear accidents and no-one has come to my house wondering why me and the homeschool gang googled "how does nuclear power work."


  1. I look at other people's houses too, at several different real estate sites. I never gave it any thought, but the Police might think I'm casing the places with thoughts of burglary. I should probably delete my browsing history.

  2. [sigh] "We weren't watching your browsing history. We got a tip from someone else who was watching your browsing history." Does not really make me happier about the whole thing.

    And, yes, I know quinoa is not as well-known outside of the gluten-free/non-GMO world, but it is amusing to me when people display such indignant ignorance.


  3. Want to see something really crazy? I love to look at these houses in my area that are ugggggly. Tee hee....

    It's people trying to sell their house either not cleaned or in poor condition and take pics of it to post.



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