15 August 2013

Homeschooling Kindergarten.

                                                         It's pretty relaxed.  I want Rose to learn something new every day.  We do about two pages in her reader twice a day, and of course we read other things in our environment as well.  But I find it's better to do tiny, short exercises.  Little people's brains get full very quickly! 

In maths, she's learning the concepts of "more than" and "less than."  And three is one more than two.  Soon, we'll learn that we can put groups of things together and add, or take things away and subtract.  But not yet.  I love Singapore Mathematics' Earlybird workbook because as smart as Rose is, this concept isn't as automatic as you might think. 

Rose can read on a first grade level, but isn't sure how to write all her letters and follow directions.  So we use ABeka first grade readers, and ABeka Kindergarten phonics workbooks.  In the early grades, I can't say enough good things about ABeka Book.  Each reader and each lesson builds upon the last in a coherent, friendly manner. 

We do lots of breaks.  We play a game of chess every weekday.  She helps me fold washcloths and wipe the table after lunch.  We went bowling today.

But mostly?  She's just five.


  1. More than five .. she's very cute too! :)

  2. Rose is looking so grown up now!
    The books look pretty darn amazing too, concepts set out very clearly there.

  3. She is getting so big! Must be so nice to spend some time with your girl while all the little guys are in school.. She is adorable!!

  4. Miss Rose is quite the little worker bee!


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