08 August 2013

How to be Outraged on the Internet.

"When Al Gore singlehandedly invented the Internet in 1993, he envisioned a new, shining city upon a hill, where global citizens could debate the issues most important to them. It was a great idea: let’s take the calm, reasoned discussions that occur at every family Thanksgiving, in every bar at 2 a.m., and every basic-cable news channel debate show, and give everybody a chance to join in. What could possibly go wrong?"

Enjoy the tutorial here.   Hopefully he follows up with a "How to post cute kittens/pin to Pinterest" article soon so we can get the most out of the web.  :)


  1. Fun times for all!

    LOVE this, very timely!

  2. Okay, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. The article was funny. The comments: Priceless.



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