20 September 2013

A Note From My Inbox

 The sender has given me permission to share this with you:

We all can agree harming another human being because of a diagnosis of autism is wrong and certainly illegal in our society. During this month, we have seen on discussion boards, Facebook, and media reports, many folks saying they can understand the stress and pressure of the parent which may suggest justification for the harm done. The Autism Society, self advocates, and others, have said there can never be any justification or toleration of harming a person living with autism or any disability in our society. 

We believe one of the solutions would be to provide more responsive crisis supports for parents, caretakers and individuals living with autism so they can receive help to deal with day-to-day challenges. Society must do a much better job of being there to help the person in crisis and be there to protect the person who may be harmed. 

The Autism Society has a seven day a week Contact Center that can help anyone feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and in need of support. If anyone reading this needs help, please call us at

1-800-3-AUTISM (Spanish support provided)

We will always advocate against any effort of harming of a person simply because the individual has autism.  Remember, we are here to help those living with autism and their families, please call!


  1. The Autism Society is very cool. They have pictures of ...get this...ADULT AUTISTICS on their web page. Did you know autistic kids grew up to be autistic adults? http://www.autism-society.org/

    I checked autism speaks. I guess that's a pretty scary notion for them.

    I doesn't surprise me the autism society would be there to help. I hope lives are saved through their efforts.

    1. Me, too, simplegiftsgalleries! And welcome!


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