23 September 2013

Woodjie Update!

Woodjie is in first grade now!  He can read a few words.  He can write the letters of his first name somewhat legibly in mostly capital letters.  He would rather you read to him, especially from his Pokemon book. 

Every week, his class does some sort of writing exercise called "Weekend News!"  There's a little space for a picture to be drawn and a few big lines for kindergarten-spaced writing underneath.  Woodjie's para always faithfully transcribes such exciting happenings as, "I watched Curious George.  I ate Cheerios." 

Do you see his sideways tooth in the front?  G is constantly offering to pull it out for him.  It has been pretty stuck for weeks now as it has an odd shape.  When the big tooth comes in a bit further, I am sure it will come out.

Woodjie wants to tell me all about his day when he comes home.  After I commented that there was a TON of dirt in my bathtub when I drained the water, Woodjie discussed how he built "mud castles" at school.  Oh, great!  He also let me know about a girl at school.  Her name is S "and she have yellow hair and a blue eye like a baby!  Like me!"  Apparently she is also "woddaful" and "beautiful" and "a princess."

I thought we had a few more years to wait before this happened, but I guess not.


  1. Awww, first love. That's sweet.

  2. They are sweet when they have a girl they are fond of he is really keen on this one.

  3. He's adorable. And give him a few years and he won't like girls again.

  4. Precious moments, for sure. This little girl is lucky to have such a sweet little boy notice her. :)


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