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Bad Touches Taught in School

WARNING:  With a title like this, you know that some parts of this discussion may not be suitable for young readers.  Thank you.


Today, I came across a horrid story about a little child who was locked in a closet for six long years.  She gained two pounds from the time she was two years old until she was eight.  Medical professionals weren't sure she'd ever recover.  The poor child's vagina was so torn that there was no separate anal opening, and she required several surgeries.

Just incredible bad, bad stuff.  And her siblings would be right there, playing nearby... I guess it was normal to them. 

All that to say, I "get" where books about sex abuse and terrifying happenings need to be printed for children.  It simply doesn't follow that these materials should be available in my child's elementary school for just any kid who grabs a random book off the shelf to read.

An acquaintance of mine on …

Happy Halloween, Fattie!

Oooh, your kid is fat.  So instead of giving him a treat this Halloween when he comes to my door, I'm gonna give him a note stating y'all have really failed him as parents, the community has failed him, and by golly, you ought to ration the rest of the candy in Tubby's bucket.

Really, there are people like this out there who can be this mean.

Yippeee for ObamaCare!

What people in other states or countries don't understand is that every state has different rules, so you can't really say that ObamaCare is some really great thing that everyone needed.  Here, to qualify for Medicaid (free insurance with no copays), you have to own less than $1,000 worth of stuff for an entire family.  So we could all be homeless, but because we own the car we'd be sleeping in, no insurance for us.

What would make sense is expanding Medicaid qualifications, but that would require a huge cash outlay down the road for each state, so our state didn't go for that.  

But everyone is required to have insurance now.  Making people buy a product from a company whose executives earn more pooping in the bathroom than most of us earn in a month is not a heavy-handed government tactic.  It's just a "tax," and we should be used to that sort of thing by now.  So what's happening is that a lot of lower-middle class people are discovering they can'…

October Crafts

I got a large box of old-style computer paper for absolutely free at the Surplus Exchange.  If you're in the Kansas City Metro area, you're going to want to pop by and check them out.  They're selling old office chairs and desks for incredibly cheap prices as well this week.  What I like about the paper is that it's all one continuous sheet - you know, the old kind with the holes on the side for the printer knobs to grab as it rolls through the machine - and so it lends itself to crafts like these:

Woodjie also makes super-cute crafts at school. He wants to tell you about the little monster he made recently. His teachers are into Pinterest this year.

G Update

Tons of things have been happening with G, but I haven't blogged about them until now.  Since he's an adult, I'm going to be leaving a few things out as to respect his privacy, but I wanted my readers to know he no longer lives with us.

And that's a great thing!  G is very, very excited to have received funding and the help he needs to be much more independent.

G now lives in what I will call "Smallville" for blog purposes.  There is only one McDonald's and about three stop lights in the whole city.  It's somewhere around an hour away.  Close enough that we can visit him a couple of times a month, but far enough away that he is independent.  He's very excited about the new place, which he shares with another young man in his mid-20's.  There is usually a staff member nearby so that everyone is safe and can get to the store and what-have-you.

G even has a job and goes with his room-mate by bus to and from work each weekday.  There are also tons…

Sexy Homework for Fourth-Graders

So, what would you do if you found some other woman's hairclip, with some of her hair in it, under the bed you sleep in with your husband?  

Nevermind that. What would you do if this hypothetical situation were thrown at your fourth-grader for homework?  

The Arizona schoolteacher who assigned the work said she didn't bother to read the assignment and whoopsie/sorry in a hastily-sent email to parents.  Because saying "my bad" just fixes it and s'cool.  

I've no doubt some fourth-graders can handle that sort of hypothetical deductive reasoning without taking the assignments personally.  But seriously?  In public school?  I thought all these teachers couldn't sneeze without a committee forming about how to do that exactly right.  Guess not.

Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today and had a great time picking out our very own little pumpkins!  We also fed the goats and took a tour to see all the animals.

Me, 1981

The Actual Budget Negotiations

Democrats: We need to spend a lot more money to solve everyone’s problems.

Republicans: We should spend just a little bit less money to solve everyone’s problems.

Democrats: A lot, lot more.

Republicans: Only a lot more.

Democrats: If you won’t spend a lot, lot more, we will shut down the government.

Republicans: If you won’t cut back to just spending a lot more, we will also shut down the government.

Public: But you don’t have the money for any of this.

Both parties: We will borrow it!

Public: But we don’t want to pay for all this borrowing.

Both parties: You won’t pay for it. Your children and grandchildren will.

Public: Spend a lot, lot more!

Children: Hey, wait a minute!

Both parties: Shut up, kids. You can’t vote. -- Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman, on facebook.

Anatomy Lesson

Woodjie can speak, but sometimes the words are all garbled up and mis-pronounced, or he'll get the tenses and pronouns all weird.  You usually know what he's trying to tell you if you know him, though.  He's autistic and hey, we're working on the speech thing, but mostly we're just glad for every word he says.  We're grateful.

Today, Woodjie informed us that his "weenie" was hungry.  After a fair bit of a "WHAT?" and some investigation, we let Woodjie know that that is in fact his "tummy."  His "tummy" is hungry.  All I could think was, I am SO GLAD he didn't go to school and tell all his little friends that his "weenie" was growling.  :/

Northland Knights 2013

Emperor and Rose played in the Northland Knights 2013 Tournament today.  Rose was able to draw two games out of five in her K-2 section and Emperor placed second in the K-12.  Because he played "up," he was not eligible for the grade level trophies.  But he did an awesome job and played some difficult players.


You Cannot Talk About Yourself

An autistic teen's IEP was not properly implemented.  He got in trouble for apparently sassing off at a teacher.  It's easy to do when you're overwhelmed, and if you have autism, often there are behaviour plans in place to keep you from getting that overwhelmed to start with.  His parents tried speaking with the superintendent about the IEP needing to be followed.  The super's office cancelled the meeting and refused to reschedule.

This is OCTOBER.  I don't know about New York schools but here, in four days we will have been in session two full months.  More than enough time to figure out how to implement a document and just generally get your stuff together.

Christian Ranieri went before the school board to complain, and they shushed him.  They couldn't legally discuss this during the meeting, and basically you need to shut up now, they told him.  They also yapped about staff's "rights" and bla bla bla.  Also?  Stop trying to see the superintenden…


Woodjie brought this home from school.  Under the flaps, he's drawn the cloud as well.  Isn't that a cute idea?

Go to School, Get an iPad.

Our tax dollars pay for "incentives" for kids to show up to crappy Detroit schools on "Count Day," when enrollment numbers are collected for funding.  Charters attract a large number of area families, the local schools no longer have an easy monopoly, and the administration is feeling the fire under their butts.

“We have competition. I think we may have gained in market share" this year, Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager Jack Martin said recently.  A news article relates that 90 percent of state funding is determined on "Count Day."

You'd think this would be a great thing.  Schools lose money if you don't show up.  So demand better things and tell them your child will be "sick" that day if they aren't delivered.   Schools are just like any other business in that they can piss off a sizeable minority of their "customers," but when a good number take their business elsewhere, it will hurt.

I have to wonder at any …

Kids Don't Know What Real Food Tastes Like

Everyone fought hard to get real beef to the students for their lunches.  None of this pink slime crap.

But the schoolkids complained that real beef wasn't perfect-looking in the middle.  Yep, that's because it didn't have caramel colouring.  It also didn't have enough taste, so the new-new and improved school burger patties now contain 26 ingredients.  Here's hoping at least one of them is beef.

It's sad.  I'm glad they're listening to the customer, but this is sad, sad stuff.  I don't think any of us can really trust what we're tasting.  This week I learnt that lots of kids actually eat beaver butt.

Oh I wish I were kidding.