16 October 2013

The Actual Budget Negotiations

Democrats: We need to spend a lot more money to solve everyone’s problems.

Republicans: We should spend just a little bit less money to solve everyone’s problems.

Democrats: A lot, lot more.

Republicans: Only a lot more.

Democrats: If you won’t spend a lot, lot more, we will shut down the government.

Republicans: If you won’t cut back to just spending a lot more, we will also shut down the government.

Public: But you don’t have the money for any of this.

Both parties: We will borrow it!

Public: But we don’t want to pay for all this borrowing.

Both parties: You won’t pay for it. Your children and grandchildren will.

Public: Spend a lot, lot more!

Children: Hey, wait a minute!

Both parties: Shut up, kids. You can’t vote.
 -- Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman, on facebook.


  1. Grown men and women often act like children pity they are running your country, don't worry we have them too.

  2. Democrats: "...we'll shut down the government."

    Republicans: "we'll shut down the government too."

    Well, there's a promise they both kept.


  3. I think we should sent them all home and have a do-over! Time for an amendment in favor of term limits. Spending more than two or three terms in DC is as corrupting as the One Ring!

  4. Micheal Farris is an idiot. He was clearly watching Fox when the actual proceedings were on CNN. Shrug.


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