21 November 2013

Feeling Hungry? Some McResources for You.

I think this movement to give people in the grocery stores and fast food joints a "living wage" is absolutely ridiculous.  Only imagine busting your butt, taking on about $100,000 in debt, going to college and emerging only to find that you're getting the same wage as the dropout who got hired yesterday at McD's.  That's just not right.

Anyway, with that being said, the right thing to do in any business is to reward your loyal workers.  Yes, that does mean you should make them full-time staff and give benefits after a certain number of years.  I'd happily pay extra for my burger to ensure that the people who show up for work every day and know their business well are paid well.

Balance, people.  And wow.  This video shows that McDonald's is just. not. there. yet.


  1. Hate the food, hate the clown not crazy about the money they pay.

    1. When I lived in Aus the rumour was that there was kangaroo meat in the burgers. I'm thinking kangaroo is more expensive than the stuff they peddle, in retrospect.... :)

  2. What about all those people who get their degrees but can't find work in their field because everyone else did the same degree and there are no positions open, so they apply everywhere else and the only jobs they can get are in fast food places, even though they are so very over qualified for burger flipping? There are many, many such young people in Australia. Would you deny them a living wage? $7.25 an hour is a joke, dropout or not. There is no Kangaroo meat in our burgers.

    1. Hi, River! I know there isn't... it was a silly rumour from when I was about 12. :)

      I know many people who can't find jobs in their field, even with master's degrees. In fairness, it's not up to the McDonald corporation to provide them a living. For cashiering and wiping tables in what is often a side job for extra cash, $7.25 is a fair start. My concern is that often it is hard to move up from there for those people who would like to make this a career. Not all of us can go to college and succeed in that career track. I'm not seeing why these franchises couldn't have a certain proportion of their staff be full-time.

      I don't think it should be required, but it's the decent thing to do.


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