28 December 2013

Oldies = 1980's Music

I've found that my older teens enjoy these "oldies" and have discovered them on their own.  Sometimes I'll hear Patrick humming a tune and get an eerie feeling.  That song is almost 30 years old! 

Now, the music we used to listen to is called "Oldies."  Which must make my own parents feel terribly, terribly old.  

I came across this article today, which seems to indicate that children have some sort of instinctive memory of the music their parents, or even grandparents, listened to years ago.

I don't know that I buy this stuff, although when I was in college we were taught that each of us has within us a collective unconscious.  We understand archetypes via the lens of our culture and more than that, through a psychic memory that's been passed down somehow (hopefully I'm relating that accurately).

Does that explain why my parents were never keen on Elvis, I positively hate his music, and none of my children have picked up on his tunes?  Or is it simply that there is a "good taste" gene out there, undiscovered?


  1. I dunno about the 80's ... but the 60's; now that's real music!

    1. Want to hear a frightening thought, Dad? Just yesterday, the kids and I were singing, "YES! We have no bananas!"

  2. my Dad's favorite song... my grandfather Percy's favorite was "I'm forever blowing bubbles...."

  3. Some months ago, my daughter heard on the work radio some songs announced by the commentator as "golden oldie", she reported back to me that she was mortified to find she knew them all and remembered most of the words. They were songs we'd played in the car on long road trips when she was less than five years old. I still remember Pearly Shells which was one of my Dad's favourites.

  4. Oh dear that makes me feel very old as some of the songs I remember from my youth have returned two or three times.

  5. I love the real Oldies, but songs from my teens, no way!! They can't possibly be called Oldies. Or can they?? :)


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