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At George's Pizza and Steaks

We are in Columbia, Missouri, for a chess tournament tomorrow. We stopped at George's place for a bite to eat.  Pray for travel mercies tomorrow night or Sunday and we will update you later!

Your Kid Could Be Paralyzed Tomorrow, But Don't Panic.

So this horrible disease is going around, and people here in the US have been paralyzed after contracting it.  There is no vaccine and no cure.  They're not even sure how it's being spread, or rather, they're not sure why it's rare and all that, which is pretty much almost the same thing.  It's very much akin to polio in what it does to the body, and this "enterovirus" is in  fact related to polio insofar as they are categorized in the same family.

Take-away from the article?  The doctor-experts want you to just wash your hands and stay away from sick people.  They like to say that the same way that people at church like to tell you that God won't give you any more than you can handle.  It's a blowoff/ shut up/ go away tactic that sounds good at first blush but isn't really when you think on it.  They don't know how the crap this virus is really spread, so they're just going to take this opportunity to stress that you should get vaccin…


Congrats to Emperor!

Helpful Phone Calls

"Did you know that you are required by law to have health insurance?  Do you need help obtaining health insurance under ObamaCare?  Press ONE to speak to a representative authorized to help you find affordable insurance.  Press TWO to be removed from this list."

Oh yippee.  You can bet I pushed all sorts of buttons and gave out all my credit card information, just as I did to those helpful people from the United States Computer Security Department who apparently were calling from our government offices in Bangalore.

Recently I've been dealing with stupid robo-dialing robots saying they have an important message for Elf or his parent.  Several times a day, some company I'd never heard of would call.  

A bill arrived from this company finally, explaining they were the billing agency working with the hospital we visited in November for Elf.  The bill was for the exact amount of a check I'd already received from the insurance company and so on.  So it was legit. 

I …

Winter Activities!

I Think There Is A Story Behind This.

Emperor informed me yesterday that it is statistically more likely for breakups to occur before Valentine's Day than it is for new relationships to form.  And incidentally, he certainly sees this whole holiday as a way for people to get greedy, or sad if they don't get what they want.  And for businesses to derive income. 

Awww.  Poor little kid feels left out, I'm thinking.

Well, I told him, don't you worry.  Someday when you are older, Mom will set you up with a nice girl.  She will be soooo pretty and have beautiful red hair.

"Ohhhhhhh no," he told me.  "You're not setting me up.  I will find my own girlfriend.  And she will most certainly not have red hair.  And she absolutely most certainly will not have curly red hair.  The girls I know with curly red hair are (raises eyebrow) not very nice girls at all.  That is all I am going to say on this matter."

Well.  Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Emperor!  Mwaah!

"Bring Your Own Device" to the Classroom. Unfair?

Before we pulled Woodjie out of public school, they were beginning to institute a program whereby children could bring their own devices (Ipads, laptops, whatever) into school and use them.  They just weren't going to be responsible when the kid breaks or loses the device, or it gets stolen.

I don't have enough money to give a six-year-old an Ipad just for school.  Maybe that's because I'm low class and don't care about education.  Or because I'm stupid and don't understand the importance of technology in the 21st century.  Maybe I'm just cheap and know that if I'm gonna have a cow over my kid missing his $24 lunchbox on the first day he used it, that I would probably get a little bit upset about a $1000 device.  As you might guess, my kid never got an Ipad, but that was sort of the least of our worries anyway (long story). 

I'm still not really sure how I feel about it all.  On the one hand, if you can afford fancy tutoring for your kid at $yl…

Secret Thoughts of a First-Year Homeschool Mom.


All right, everybody.  I've started a blog and a Pinterest account.  I'm going to be homeschooling soon!  I've pinned every cute "school" idea using clothespins and crayons that exists!  I've researched every curriculum!  I'm going with "Alpha Sun Beka Jones Whatever" stuff because it's so much better than all the rest!  I know it's going to be so awesome!

Read my preachy blog post all about "Alpha Sun Beka Jones Whatever" curriculum!  Look at the mega box which just arrived!  See my children pose with all their books!  They are so excited!  I caught a child peeking in the cover of a textbook.  I snapped a photo and shared online.  This curriculum is magical.  They are already learning soooo much.

I'm also posting cheesy photos of my children with giant 1, 2, and 7 placards, indicating their grade levels this year and consigning them to fashion hell in about... ok, nevermind, I'm consigning them now.  Tac…