13 February 2014

Public Schools are Pressure Cookers Under Common Core


  1. They are not all like that but sadly a lot are.

  2. I know nothing about your schools, but I don't think our schools are so bad, I'm more inclined to think a child who can't cope may just be too young to start school, even if they are the "right" age, some children just need extra time at home. So what if they are a year or six months older when they finally begin? Their mental health is more important. Over here most kids start at age five, but legally you don't have to send your child until age six. (I think. Maybe they changed that.)

    1. Here the age is "the school year in which your child turns 7." So Rose would not have to go this year, but as she turns 7 next January and our schools run August to May, she would have to go next year if she went to public school.

      But most parents don't know that, or research that. They just want to know "when it's time" to send the child to kindergarten and what they need to do. Schools tell them all kinds of things. I've seen it only just this week where they told worried parents about shot "requirements" and so forth. Oh, no. It's not required. Here you don't even have to tell the schools you're homeschooling or submit to testing or anything.

      You could go your entire K-12 time and the schools won't know who you are. Most parents just do what everyone else does, though...

  3. I see a picture of a boy who looks just like Ben online. Here it is on my flickr thingy https://www.flickr.com/photos/62617871@N07/5762577964/ . A child with a learning difference can find school hell. You know how you can determine a dyslexic with 95% certainty, at least in my estimation? Find a kid who HATES school. That's been my experience.They hate it because it hated them first...kinda like this story...http://mamalode.com/story/detail/not-for-you-son/


  4. The problem is the system that does not accommodate individual's needs nor does it respect the professional opinion of teachers working with these children. http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/02/the-common-core-is-tough-on-kids-with-special-needs/283973/


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