17 March 2014

My Little Bully

So a nine-year-old kid brings his My Little Pony backpack to school and the other kids shove him around and say nasty things to him.  The school tells the child to use a different backpack because this one makes him a bit of a target.

Was the school right?

The young man's mom says the school should punish the bullies, not her kid.  Her kid did nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with the show, which teaches friendship and acceptance.


  1. Whoo...this is something I deal with fairly regularly as my G likes stuff way below his grade level and is heading toward middle school (homeschooling at the ready!). His tastes happen to be "gender appropriate" but he still is given a hard time and/or ignored by his peers. My heart here is with the kid! The bullies and the other kids need to be taught what is right. And what is right is accepting and respecting ALL PEOPLE. Period. Especially children.

  2. The school doesn't have the right to do that, but as a mom, I would have found another cool use for the lunchbox, like craft box and given him a generic lunchbox to take to school... but that's just me.

  3. It sounds to me like the school is grooming kids into group think. Sigh. And, yes, they are wrong. But, I think this is what happens when you have the unnatural idea of herding kids into groups of kids exactly their age. ;-)


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