23 April 2014

How Evil is the Testing Machine?

This evil.  Copy/pasted from Moyers Public School's facebook page in Oklahoma:

"In my 25 years in education I have seen many changes. As a teacher, principal and superintendent, I have always tried to make these changes adapt to our particular school in a way that follows the guidelines but also takes into consideration the individual child. This has worked relatively well as I feel that we follow state guidelines and our students' needs are always considered.

" Personally, as an educator, I have always felt that too much emphasis has been placed on testing but if that is what is required by individuals more qualified than myself, then that is what we will do. However, with that being said, I find myself in a very difficult position.

"We have a family of students whose parents were both killed in a car accident this week. When our district test administrator called the State Department of Education to ask for an emergency exemption for these students, it was denied. This is not considered a reason for exemption by the SDE. The SDE believes these students should be tested and their scores be used to not only judge them but also used to evaluate their teachers and their school at a time in their life that is unimaginable to most.

"So as administrator of our district, I have made the decision to go against the SDE rules and exempt these students from taking their tests. This may or may not cause our school to receive an 'F' on our school report card for not meeting our testing percentage but it is the only decision that best meets the needs of our students.

"As an educator and a human being with a reasonable amount of common sense, I don't feel like any test these students take during this time would be valid in any way. Testing and its importance are quickly escalating out of control and our common sense appears to be going in the opposite direction."

-- Donna Dudley

As one of the commenters stated, "This needs to go viral."  I agree. 


  1. Wow. This is why we need people who are actually involved in kids' lives to make decisions. "Testing without representation" leads to horrible things.

    By the by, the link seems broken. You can try this one, if it helps: https://www.facebook.com/MoyersPublicSchool/posts/777781232233577


  2. What a cold and hard decision, but when dealing with anyone in that tragic time in their life you would think a bit of understanding would go a long way.

    1. No, various entities have even refused children who were definitely dying within weeks. No grace. No sympathy. No humanity. This is why we need to kill the testing machine here. It's not really showing what we think it's showing anyway...

  3. As far as I'm concerned an exemption for these kids is essential.
    How heartless is the SDE?

    1. Just that much, I guess... at least the school stepped in. This time.

  4. BRAVO, DONNA DUDLEY!!!! Children are born persons and these particular children have just had their hearts broken.

  5. I totally agree with the Principle/Educator. Those students do not need tests at such a dreadful time in their lives.
    Those poor kids, I hope they have extended family who can care and love them.


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