29 April 2014

I Am Never Allowed to Eat Nectarines Again.

Apparently I am not a very smart person.  I just swallowed a pit a few hours ago!  How can I do that?  I don't even get it.  Then, I called our insurance company's nurseline.   They made sure to ask my my member ID number and address and all that and THEN they asked me if I could breathe and so forth.

I told them I felt fine, but didn't know if nectarine pits were poisonous or if I needed to swallow something to throw it up or what.  And they didn't know.  Great.  At least they said they didn't know, and referred me to Poison Control.

They're poisonous.  I'm having a great night, I tell ya. 

Though what they say is probably not enough to really do anything.  Just... you know... expect things to come out in the next few days.

So now I get to worry about whether stuff will get stuck or if I will find the pit or... what.

I'm feeling pretty stupid about it all.  I mean, who gulps down a nectarine pit?  Me, I guess.  D says I can't be trusted with these any more.  Had to give the rest of my nectarine slices to an Elf.  I have just bought a whole big bag of super-ripe ones, too.  Elf is the only person in our family (well, besides me anyway) who really likes them.


  1. I am sure you will be just fine. don't go searching for it... the thought makes me go ewwww!
    Trust in nature and all will be ok.
    I've never heard of ANYONE getting ill or choking or dying from a nectarine pit.

    1. It's in my system somewhere. Can't search without an MRI, I guess... am too cheap for all that!

  2. im sorry... it's a funny story. i think you will be fine since i never heard of anyone getting ill from any kind of fruit pit. sorry you had to give up your snack to the kids, but at least now you know just how good your insurance hot-line is!

    1. Actually, I can tell you from personal experience years ago that 911 is the same way. They are CLUELESS about what plants are poisonous. 911 will refer you to poison control. Good thing is, they will patch you through.

  3. Nectarine pits are quite large and if you sliced the nectarines I don't see how you could mistake one for a slice of fruit. Unless you were doing what I do and sucking the remaining bits of fruit off the pit?
    I've never swallowed one, but I'm sure you'll be fine. The pit will pass in time and while they may be poisonous I don't imagine one alone will make you ill. It's like apple seeds, which contain cyanide, but you'd have to eat a bucketfull (or at least a lot) before you got sick from them.
    I say go ahead and keep eating nectarines, just don't suck on the pits anymore.


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