06 May 2014

A Prayer for Homeschoolers

I think one of the hardest challenges new homeschoolers face is letting go of how it "should" be. If I have one prayer for new homeschoolers, it is peace. Peace from struggling to find the "right" curriculum for a 5-year-old. Peace from worrying about how to "schedule" their time. Peace from the fear that they will "miss" covering a subject sufficiently. I think public school has created a culture that has damaged many parents. It has minimized their sense of importance, and their confidence. To all of you just starting out - You've got this!!! It will be ok!!! And may you feel the love and peace of The Lord surround you as you answer His call!!

- Anonymous, on a homeschooling facebook group.


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    1. I do, too! I asked the poster if she wanted credit and she was happy to remain "anonymous." :)


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