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"I Wish My Kids Had Cancer!" - A Book by Michael Alan

Because having autism is worse!  And poor me!  Waah waah waah! This book "is a father’s gripping, real glimpse of his family’s struggle to survive with two children with Autism. The book intimately, honestly, and powerfully, addresses the emotional, social, financial, political and medical aspects of a family fighting for their very existence. Learn about the struggle, the epidemic and Help Families In Need!"


You know... sometimes I've observed that people with cancer get a LOT more love and support, and guess what?  Autism never goes into remission.  It can be very hard and isolating to deal with certain behaviours and challenges.  It really can.  You don't "get it" unless you've been through it.  I've been mad when I've seen people at church or whatever get a lot more attention and practical help over a hangnail than our family got with our autistic children.

But never, never would I wish my kids had cancer.  That is such a twisted and sick thought that this author should have run to his therapist instead of writing it down for his children to see someday.  He should be ashamed of himself and shunned by everyone.  

And I'll tell you something else.  It's not even a comparison.  My child could easily get lost or die with this condition, yes.  But it is not the same thing as enduring painful treatments day after day, wondering if your child is going to make it.  Wondering how you're going to pay for it.  And no, don't even compare ABA therapy to chemo, k?

You can look at a preview of the book here.  At the bottom of the page, Amazon lets me know that people who viewed this book?  Also viewed "Semenology:  the Semen Bartender's Handbook."  I... didn't click the link.  Nor yet am I providing it to my readers.  You understand.

Twisted, I'm telling ya...


  1. As a childhood cancer awareness advocate, I am equally disgusted. An all out campaign to boycott the seller's of this book, under this title, is underway.

  2. By the grace of God my children have zero health issues. I have seen so many parents heartbreak over losing their children from childhood cancer. DIPG for a death sentence as of this moment.
    I am disgusted that this book was allowed to be published with this title!! Petition signed!

  3. this title is disgusting... how dare you wish your child had cancer! do you think cancer is without its pain, heart break, emotional and financial ruin. I also have a sister with bi-polar and what a terrible illness that is - but i would not want her to have cancer instead!! wow. just wow!! how dare you. Enjoy your children. We all have challenges... so sorry you feel you need attention with yours!

  4. As a parent who lost their 5 year old son to cancer, I am appalled!!! God have mercy on your soul Mr Alan! How dare you even think that! I also have an autism child. There is no greater gift then a child. You love and care for them no matter what. You think autism is challenging,
    Of course it is! Try watching helplessly as your child fights cancer! I would
    Give the world to bring my child back from heaven and have autism. If you truly any handle being a parent of special
    Needs children, then give them the opportunity to be in a family who does.
    Never wish
    Deadly diagnosis on your children! What's wrong with you!

    1. Neither diagnosis is a good one. I wouldn't want my child to have cancer or severe autism. Knowing what I know of both, I could not choose between the two.

  5. The sad thing is, those people who are unable to have hope in these situations, unable to see any light, can be the very ones who are able to take their children's lives. I think it is a silent cry for attention. Maybe SRS should look into this, with the needs of the children being primary.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I do hope the book gets removed soon.


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