19 June 2014

Never Trust School Administrators!

I need to post this here so you can see a real, actual, honest to goodness reason why you NEVER ask the local school district for advice re: homeschooling:

I recently found out that a local mom, freshly moved to the state, was told that she needed to be interviewed by the Superintendent of (Name) City Schools to decide whether or not she was qualified to teach. Who passed on this little nugget of untruth? That's right - the district enrollment office. She was also informed that she needed to get the Superintendent's approval for the curriculum she wanted to use; and that she couldn't begin homeschooling until that was done.

As far as assessment - she was told that the Super would need to see **all** the work her children completed, and that he would then decide whether or not she could continue the following year.

Based on that information, she decided that homeschooling was an unattainable goal, so instead bought a house in my local school district - one with "better" schools than (Name) Public, with a view to sending her kids to "better" public schools.

Yes - she ***BOUGHT A HOUSE*** based on misinformation from the school district regarding homeschooling. I met her through a friend, and we were both horrified to hear her story. She, as you can imagine, was quite upset to find out that she had been misinformed. Now she has a house that is more expensive than it needed it to be - in a school district she won't use - all because she was given misinformation by a district office.

If you want to find out information about homeschooling - look up a local homeschool support group and ask them - not the establishment that you're seeking to remove yourself from.

Written by another homeschooling mom.  Edited slightly to remove identifying information.  Used with permission.  Originally posted on a homeschooling board.


  1. Oh dear I would be very angry if this happened to me.

    1. Me too! And... what kind of superintendent has that kind of time anyway?

  2. Working for the schools as they do, they just prefer all children to be in main stream schooling I suppose.
    Did they bother to find out why she wanted to home school?

    1. I guess to my mind it doesn't matter. You know? Part of their job is upholding the homeschooling reporting in that state. Here we do not report or interact with schools in any way. A friend overseas says that if you think of the US as 50 different countries, it's very helpful in practical day-to-day life because that's for all intents and purposes how we run things. :)


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