29 August 2014

Should You Test Your Child?

A facebook group poster was wondering whether her kindergarten child needed to do all the tests the school wanted.  One answer:

I opt in to every standardised test possible. The standards keep changing, and it's "normed" and updated all the time with new versions. We need the very latest information on how my child is doing.  

I also need to pressure my kid every year to be the *best* even though the *best* is really a relative and moving target. 

Since I have nothing else to care about, I find it gives me a false sense of security when my child tests well, and something to worry about if my child scores less than "average." Because golly, only 50 percent of the children score below the 50th percentile on a given test and YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR KID!!

I hope that helps!  :)


  1. She pressures her kid to be the best?
    Poor kid!
    At first I thought you were asking if we at home should be testing our kids and I was going to say not formally but playing educational spelling reading and counting games to see if they are understanding is acceptable.
    As for school testing, yes, let them test. How else will the teachers know if the children are learning and fully understanding?

    1. This was sarcasm... it's meant to be read the opposite way, really. As in, the tests mean little or nothing, and are not worth our time and energy!

  2. Interesting, funny, in poor taste as usual. In other words...GREAT POST! (Yes, I check marked all of them. It was me...)


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