14 August 2014

Why I'm Not Shopping at Lands' End

Ohh, I was a great customer.  You really can't beat Lands' End for nice, reasonably-priced, fashionable girls' clothes that don't make your kid out to look like a Hoochie Mama.  I bought tons of stuff there over the years for all my children and sometimes even for myself.

All that changed recently.

I've been too embarrassed to blog about it until now.  You see, as a special "gift" for spending over $100, Lands' End apparently signs you up for a magazine subscription unless you opt out.  I must not have seen the fine print and soon after my last order, I received a copy of Self Magazine.

It's a glossy magazine with health tips, anorexic models, cheesy star interviews, fashion reviews of crap you will never buy, and so on.  And.  This particular magazine?  Had a product review.

Of vibrators.  VIBRATORS!  I couldn't even bring myself to read the article that had fireworks and the word WOW in the title.  D had a field day with it - oh!  Are you reading your magazine right now?  I hear they have (loud voice) great product reviews inside! 

I called Self to cancel, and they said they would.  The magazines are still arriving months later.  I also called Lands' End to complain and got totally blown off, as if it is just my problem, guess you didn't look at the fine print, sucks to be you and have a nice day.  No real apology whatsoever.

So this article in today's Kansas City Star does not surprise me.  Now they're sending out soft porn to all the guys. 


  1. I never heard of Land's End, we don't have it here but if I see something I like I buy it I don't stick to certain shops so I never get any special offers, I don't think I miss out on much.

    1. Lands' End has some items in Sears stores (or they did) but mostly it's online stuff. Guess I didn't check some box or something.

  2. Mark them all 'Return to Sender' and just keep sending them back unopened until the subscription runs out.
    How rude of them to continue after you've asked them not to!

    1. I don't know why they would do that, either, because it costs them money to print and mail...

  3. I live River's idea...... or cut cut them up and throw them in the bin as soon as they arrive.


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