21 October 2014

Teaching Textbooks, Grade Three

What it is:

Teaching Textbooks is a math program on CDs, but it responds to what the child types.  "Great job!" or, "Sorry, that's not the correct answer.  Try again." and several other phrases will let your child know if he's on the right track.  Every answer to every problem is explained in detail on the program.  They also (if you really get stuck somehow!) have a toll-free number you can call to have someone explain the math in person.    We got the set that includes the workbook after doing a fair amount of second-grade work from other curriculum providers.

Teaching Textbooks begins with third grade and continues through Pre-Calculus.


What we love about it:

Woodjie's autism means he'll get a bit overwhelmed if you throw some worksheets his way and expect him to "get cracking."  This kid thrives on being riiight next to you and being praised over every little thing he gets done.  Teaching Textbooks is the next best thing to that.

Here's where we are now!
One thing both the children particularly love is the "study buddy" cartoon mascots that cheer and celebrate right answers, and give hints as requested.

I have the children do their workbook sheets after they do the work on the computer.  Hopefully doing the work in two different ways will help them remember.

What you might not like about it:

Price.  It's expensive!  $120 a year just for maths isn't cheap.

It's also a bit below grade level.  My son is a second-grader.  It's really more like a grade 2.5 to 3.5 than a grade 3 to 4 sort of program.  It isn't a bad thing but definitely something to be aware of when ordering!  Be sure to use their placement tests for the best fit.  Would you like to see some sample lessons, or maybe print out a placement test for your child to take?  Click here! 


  1. Nice picture. He looks just like me when he smiles. :)

    1. I am so glad you realized it is below grade level. I didn't and my son used it through Algebra. We had some catching up to do!

  2. ALEKS does a good job of filling in those upper level gaps. But I just got my son Algebra for dummy's and he filled in the holes with that.


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