04 December 2014

Christmas is Different for Us.

(A facebook status from a friend, used with permission.)

I'm nearly done...

Saying 'no' will be high on my agenda for the next few weeks.

Not because I'm callous or being difficult... but simply because I need to protect my own wellbeing and that of my little family.

'What do you mean?', you may ask...

What I mean is this:  As it is, my kids and I operate on a system that has less tolerance for change and 'being out of routine' than many people (think; school structure gone out the window as regular learning makes way for alternative end of school year activities, tidying up loose ends at work before holiday break, extra activities such as concerts & projects... transitioning to new places!!!).

We only have so much space in our systems for socialising, and for being in crowds and amongst lots of people (think; parties, end of year gatherings, Christmas get-togethers, award ceremonies etc etc).

The general environment out in the 'busy' world at this time of year also puts extra strain on our sensory systems (think; 'extra people shopping' noise, flashing Christmas lights in shops and other places, different smells, noise, did I mention noise???)

So please don't be disappointed if we can't make it to something, or if we pass you quickly in the street, or if we fall off the radar for a while... we are trying the best that we can to make it through the next few weeks 'happy and healthy' and to keep life as simple and routine as possible.

Love to all xo


  1. saying no is pretty high on my agenda too, even without needing to protect my family from uncommon stresses. I do it for myself as in the past I've been known to stretch myself fairly thin, going here and there, doing this and that. Now I want to be able to sit and think. (or nap)

    1. And it seems that there are so many more things to go to now than even just 20 years ago as well.

  2. I think a lot of families also have the same trouble with this time of year. Unrealistic expectations fostered in the media about what we 'should' be doing don't help matters either. I have found though that if we counter an invitation with an offer to get together next year most people understand (and sometimes are even grateful) The most important thing is our family and after all that is really what the season is all about anyway.

    Thanks for sharing.


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