18 January 2015

Are You "Lovin' It"?

McDonald's must really be hurting for business because they spend a lot of time on facebook responding to comments like this:

"I heard that your mcgriddle meat is made from Indonesian children!!! If this is true I certainly will not be giving anymore of my business to McDonald's!"

They responded that the only humans involved were the ones preparing and serving the food... 

I would make a bad corporate talking head because I would have asked, why Indonesian children particularly?  Where did you get this crazy idea from, because if it's in print and the author has money, we're suing.  :)

And... why is the poster saying that if it's true, he will not be giving more business to McDonald's?  Does that mean that presently, he's happily chowing on what he presumes to be Indonesian children (they're so yummy, after all!) but if his suspicions are confirmed, then he'll stop munching on them?  

Really, people like this are just trolls, and I wouldn't respond to them at all or if I did, I'd be pretty rude. 


  1. *snap* I'd be asking why only Indonesian children too. hahahahaha (evil laugh) and, like you, would be wondering why this person is still eating Macburgers.

    1. But if he finds out for sure, he's gonna stop... lol

  2. Clearly there are plenty of right idiots in the world!

  3. Hahaha! You're so funny. I'm lovin' it. ;-)

  4. Hahaha! You're so funny. I'm lovin' it. ;-)


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