04 March 2015

Homeschooling Odds n Ends.

Love those little Dover Activity Books.  They're perfect for elementary-aged children.  I usually wait until there is a sale and then plunk down... some serious money.  Here's my stash.

The Judy Clock.  My littles can tell time, but sometimes they need help visualizing what the time will be in half an hour or six hours ago and so on.  It's surprisingly durable and kid-friendly.

If you're a homeschooler and you take your children out for an occasional treat, the Book-It program is something you'll want to do every year with your younger children.

Our picture schedule - read it from the top down.  I have little laminated squares stuck to magnets and keep them in a plastic container when not in use.

I'm sooo tired of digging through every little workbook.  I go through and tear out about a week's worth of sheets at a time, holepunch them and pop them here.  Arranged by subject.  So much easier than digging.  I seriously used to have one box per subject and just move everything around all day.  I just... can't... do it any more.  You know.

Crafts!  I go to JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby every few months with the little people and we pick out something to do. 

Little first grade notebooks.  I appreciate how there is a spot at the top for the child to draw a picture of his story.


  1. Funny thing my daughter could not tell the time for a long time as digital clocks were a big thing when she was little, glad they went out of fashion.

    1. Yeah, we even have Roman numeral clocks at home, but you can memorise where all the numbers are and be ok. :)

  2. Putting a week's worth of worksheets into a binder seems like a great idea to me too. Love the Judy clock.

  3. I love those notebooks with the space about too... I use them for my puppy books.

    1. That makes a lot of sense... you can put puppy pics at the top!


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