26 April 2015

Language Arts Curriculum 2015-2016

We'll be working with Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary, Grade 2 from Alpha Omega Publications.  I took the workbooks to Office Depot and got them spiral-bound for just under $10.  It's another expense, but I figure it'll make using the books so much easier.  I really like how they turned out.  The dictionary that comes with the program defines each word and often includes a small picture.  It's a nice little book and matches the set.
A sample page from the speller. We'll also be practicing our words on the BigIQ Kids website.
We'll also be finishing our Grade 2 English curriculum from BJU Press and beginning Grade 3 sometime in the fall.  There are plenty of grade 3 samples at this link.  I find them to be very friendly, if sometimes a bit difficult for little people.  Much of the third grade is a review of the second, which is fine because a LOT of material is covered in the second grade.  We'll also be writing in our journals occasionally so that we can hone our writing skills.  


  1. The books turned out nicely, even though I'm not a fan of spirals, they annoy me when writing on a left-side page. I should do something about my vocabulary, I think I don't know enough words.

    1. The middle bit of the workbook is very hard to write in otherwise, especially after the first few pages. I was either going to do this or tear out pages.

  2. Oh, spiral bound! What a good idea! I should do that.


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