02 May 2015

BJU 2 Bible Curriculum: A Servant's Heart

The BJU Bible Curriculum is pretty densely-packed stuff considering the grade level.  We have the Third Edition because that's what Emperor and Elf used when they were little.  I just bought new workbooks to go with it several years ago.  I've taken a look at the fourth edition, and aside from a few minor changes, it's the same quality program.  Here are some sample pages if you're interested.

What I like about the curriculum is that every effort is made to be as detailed as possible for young people.  Even second-graders can learn some of the books and the order in which they go in the Bible.  As we go through this curriculum, Rose and Woodjie will learn a bit about how to look up verses.  They just got their very own Bibles and are excited about this class. 

Because it's intensely language-based and Woodjie is autistic, it might take us more than a year to get through.  We'll see how it goes.  I am hoping he can read the book that goes with the curriculum and go through the worksheets that review it.

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