12 May 2015

Dropout Prevention Technique: Make School Like Homeschool!

Or Starbucks.  Or something cool.  Which school is not. 

Yep.  Soon Wake County, North Carolina, school officials will be recruiting dropouts to attend their new groovy academy.  Apparently, schools reason dropouts are much more likely to come back if they have a decent place to learn and are able to do so at their own pace, and their autonomy is respected.  They're only employing this strategy with the "at-risk" students presently, however, because the children who go to school faithfully every weekday whether they like it or not?  Who cares about them?  Pack 'em deep and teach 'em cheap.

Reaction to the plan ranges from citizen outrage that "wellfare benefits" for families who have a dropout haven't been cut, to a teacher whingeing that her students would also like to learn on couches and in cool cafes, and why doesn't she have any textbooks?

Unrelated photo of teen doodles on the back of a CLUE paper.  So my story has a picture.


  1. Hard seats, cold or hot classrooms thats how I remember school but we had some very good teachers who transported to other lands and made history come alive so not to bad.

    1. I remember it being a very mixed bag as well. :)


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