19 June 2015

Emperor is Home!

Emperor had a great time at chess camp.  He's pictured here with WIM Viktorija Ni and some of the awards he received.  (WIM stands for Women's International Master.)

Despite the long drive there and back, D and I had some fun times along the way as well.  We stopped at the Kitchen Gallery of Topeka and picked out a few pieces of Polish pottery.  They didn't have a huge, huge selection, but there was definitely enough there to make the little jaunt off highway 70 worth it.

Because Lindsborg is several hours away, we also had to take rest stops.  Sometimes there are odd things in the public restroom areas off the highway.  For reference, Emperor is six feet tall  now.

We also saw about a zillion cicadas as it's their hatching season.  If you listen, even with the windows up on the highway, you can hear the eee- eee-eeee of the insects flying and calling all over.  Millions of them swarming about and thunking into the windshield.

Well, we're glad to be home.  Do you like my new saltshakers? 


  1. Yes I do they are very different .
    Good on you Emperor, you did well.

    1. Thanks, Merle! I'm glad to see you online again!

  2. Great shot of Emperor with Victorija Ni! Those look like some nice trophies...and if I'm reading them right, 2nd doesn't sound all that bad! The Polish pottery is pretty--reminds me of some of the items I saw for sale in the gift shop at the Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids.

  3. I love your new salt shakers. Glad Emperor had such a great time and look at all those awards! Well done Emperor.


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