09 June 2015

Ever Drive a Car in Your Sleep?

I'm up all kinds of odd hours and I have trouble getting to sleep at night, staying awake during the day, and I sort of wind up trying to prop myself up with coffee and hope.  I think the internetz knows this because it sees my time zone, sees that I'm online, and caters my ads accordingly (or that's paranoid me thinking "they" are following me, you pick).

So this ad just popped up in my sidebar for Belsomra.  It helps with insomnia.  But.  If you take it, you might try to sleep or wake up and be unable to move.  It may make you aggressive, hallucinate, and do crazy things when you are asleep "like eating, talking, having sex, or driving a car," the product's webpage warns.

Oh!  "Call your doctor right away if you find out that you have done any of these activities after taking BELSOMRA."  Ya think?? My luck, I'd have to call the cops first and let them know I just beat up a bunch of annoying people at Wal-Mart.  And instructed my seven-year-old to smack people with bottles of shampoo or something.

Staying away from this drug.  Why would anyone take something with such horrid side effects just to get a little more sleep?  No, thanks.

But I think looking at ads and asking your doctor if some random drug "is right for me" is probably not how I want to manage my medical care anyway. 


  1. You would have to be nuts to take it! lol How can they sell something like that anyway? derrr

    1. I suppose these side effects are rare, but still... why?

  2. I'm one of the seemingly few lucky people who have no trouble sleeping. Apart from being woken by Angel, I fall asleep quickly and after doling out his breakfast I go right back to bed and back to sleep.

  3. Oh my. Please, please forgive me for laughing.

    You have a fun sense of humor--I am so glad you decided *not* to take this drug!

    It is pretty, uhhm, interesting how some products are advertised...i.e.

    Do your legs ever restless? You may be suffering from restless leg syndrome. Don't you long for peace and relaxing so you can just settle down and enjoy a beautiful evening with your friends? Our product is the cure you need!

    Cue calm, low voice speaking quickly: Side effects may include rashes, itches, coughing, high blood pressure, pneumonia, heart attack, or sudden death. If you experience any of these problems please contact your doctor immediately.

    Happy voice: Why wait any longer? Try our cure for restless leg syndrome today!

    Have a great night, Christine! Will be praying you have a pleasant repose and sweet dreams! --and no eating or driving in your sleep!


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