01 June 2015

Homeschoolers Must Register With the State Under New Proposed Law

Emma is a special-needs mom and fellow homeschooler who lives in Ohio.  This post is a revised version of her facebook status.  It is used with her permission.

This "legislator" is a brand new, foolish politician. She thinks she has found a way to further her career by infringing on people's freedoms.

The woman that murdered her children is a murderer. (Sounds obvious I know - but some people think she was "homeschooler". I just want to clarify the difference between a "murderous piece of crap" and a "homeschooling parent".) She murdered her children and stuck them in a freezer. I am a homeschooling parent. I have never once murdered my kids and stuck them in a freezer.

If you think that forcing families to register with the state will prevent child murder, then please unfriend me now. Then, go to Google, and ask it how many public school kids have been murdered by their parents. I'm sure you will find that there have been no cases at all. Not one. Not a single public school child has ever been abused or murdered.

As you all know, child abuse only happens between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30pm in homeschooling families. It never happens in families whose children attend public school. Schools always spot cases of child abuse and promptly report them. The children are then removed from the home and they live wonderful lives. (Well - that is - if public school children were ever abused - which of course, we all know - they're not.)

If you are of the opinion "Oh come Emma - if you have nothing to hide - what's the harm in registering?" - please unfriend me, and then go to Ye Olde Google and ask it to find you cases where people have lost their children - even though they had "nothing to hide".

Ohio homeschooling families have some of the strictest homeschooling laws in the country, Guess what? It doesn't do a darn thing to protect kids from abuse. Ohio public schools have numerous protocols to "prevent abuse." Guess what? It doesn't do a darn thing to protect kids from abuse.

I have the state in my house every.single.day. Three different mandatory reporters are in my house each week. I hate it when I have to change a therapist or seek new care... What is *their* definition of adequate care? Cleanliness? A tidy house? Are they anti-homeschooling? Do they think my kids are suffering from educational neglect? Will they agree that I know my son best - or will they feel there is a "better way"?

You cannot regulate stupid. You cannot regulate evil. What you CAN do however, is make my life (and other hard working, conscientious parents lives) MUCH harder than it needs to be, by giving away your freedoms and blowing your nose with the Constitution.

Stop believing the indoctrination. Stop letting The Stupid People speak for you. They are YOUR children - even if you choose to use public school. I know - shocking, right?!

Please - contact Stephanie Chang's office and tell her she's an idiot. You can pretty it up if you like, but the bottom line is - she's an idiot who thinks she has found a way to further her career on the backs of completely innocent people.

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