28 June 2015

Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff antiques in Kansas City's River Market district is just that.  You could spend about all day there and still not see everything.  My fave things were the barstools and table, but there's no way our floors would be able to handle that heavy furniture being scraped about.  You can "like" their facebook page here.


  1. I like that table with the curved metal legs, to the right of the stool. I'd plonk that down in my garden and cover it with pots, leaving just enough space for my book and coffee cup.

    1. Yes! I want it and the stools... but don't have a good spot for them. Drat. Not pictured is the price tag of over $1500 for three stools, too...

      Just did the calculation based on current market rate: $1963.50 AUS dollars... BUT. Here, you don't know what your final price is until you check out. Usually the tax rate is about 8 percent, so $2120.58 just for the stools. The table is $340 USD, more affordable at $480.89 AUS after tax. :/


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