14 July 2015

Death Wish Bunny

We frequently encounter a cute little rabbit in our front yard.  He'll let you get so close, you can almost touch him.  He'll just continue munching grass happily or moseying about as you talk to him.  Even the little children can squeal right near him.  Something is wrong with him that he is not scared of people at all. 

Woodjie's doing way better with the fireflies, and I took these pictures last night on our outing. 


  1. There's probably nothing wrong with the rabbit, he's just gotten used to you and your kids sharing his space. He's becoming tame, a few months from now you could probably feed him rabbit pellets from your hands.
    Good to hear Woodjie is doing better with the fireflies.

  2. He is a cutie but rabbits are not very popular here.

  3. Maybe he's an escaped pet? Cute though.

  4. Awwww. Nature study with the death wish bunny is so adorable.


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