28 July 2015

Donald Trump is God's Trumpet to the American People

The Holy Sprit said so!  He wants a twice-divorced, ruthless, crude and unfeeling businesman, who allows his business ventures to crumble while protecting his own assets, to become President of the United States.  So you'd better vote for him.

REALLY, people? This is what passes for prophecy? Times like this, I'm so grateful that we had people like Martin Luther who taught us to read the Scriptures for ourselves, for our English translation of the Bible, and for the Holy Spirit (who surely must have a few interesting words to say about this crap to those who will listen).

Ok, thanks for listening.


  1. The Holy Spirit said so?
    I didn't hear anything on the news about a Holy Spirit coming and talking to people......

    1. There are lots of places in the Bible where people have been guided by God's Spirit. But... IMO this is just someone wishing Donald Trump would get elected and making up a prophecy. To my mind it's a form of blasphemy, actually, and I probably shouldn't even joke about it.

      The problem is that people are listening to this.

  2. I simply CANNOT BELIEVE any sane person would vote for that ... I struggle to find the right words.... ASSHOLE will do.


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