31 July 2015

Microsoft Security is Not Really Calling to Help You

Got another call from the scammers in India, trying to get me to install remote access software on my computer.

I decided to play along. About 15 minutes in, after trying to connect to the remote server to access my machine (using a fake 12 digit access code I gave him), the delightful Indian gentleman I was talking to got quite cross.

He told me that I was a female dog, and that he would come to my house and do terrible things to my cat using a duck. (At least, that's what I *think* he meant...)

If you have elderly relatives - PLEASE tell them to hangup on anyone they don't know if they start talking about computers.

This call originated from Quebec - but of course they can come from anywhere. I wonder how lucrative this scam actually is? Idiots.

--posted by a friend on facebook.  Used with permission.


  1. We've gotten these calls a few times too. I've read about how unpleasant they can become. Now we hang up right away. Sad that people can be so bad.


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