10 August 2015

Back - to - Homeschool Clothes Shopping.

My mother and me, 1989.
Are you all done with your back-to-homeschool clothes shopping?  Do you need a jumper like the one I'm wearing in the picture above?  You can actually buy 'em on etsy and be just like all the cool kids. 

Or maybe you want a more modern T-shirt from zazzle with a homeschooling slogan.  Notice how they try to get you to "accessorize" your shirt with a pair of jammie pants?  Stereotypical, maybe, but I wonder how many sales they get.

And then there's Amazon.  Our buddy.  You can buy Homeschool Snowboarding pants for $270 and get *free shipping!*  Pretty exciting, huh?

"No amount of snow nor rain can mess up your day off when you've got the Homeschool Snowboarding Heavy Days 3.5L Pants. It's almost difficult to have a bad day out on the hill when you have a 3.5 layer shell with 37.5 technology bringing supreme waterproofing and breathability to tackle godly amounts of rain, sleet, hail, pow, and anything in between. Homeschool's packed this thing full of features like a Pant to Jacket interface, boot gaiters and thigh vents, all guaranteed to make life easier and pow slaying more enjoyable."

That's right, folks!  Godly amounts of rain and "pow" won't have any effect on you when you are wearing your  Homeschool Snowboarding pants.

Think we'll just stick with last year's stained T-shirts and save some money.  How about you?  


  1. I'm on board with the saving money deal. Thinking back to 1989, I had three teenagers and an eight year old.


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