14 August 2015

Do you Swap and Shop on facebook?

I'm a local swap shop "member" mostly for the entertainment value.  Every now and then a poster will come through with breaking local news and post about that.  Interesting if somewhat unreliable news source via some guy's brother who knows this other guy who knows the fellow featured in the news story.

Right now, someone's online trying to sell a comforter with a five-inch rip that is covered in dog hair for $50.  She's selling it because it's too thick for her and her boyfriend (presumably b/c they get too hot at night?  Must we know?).

Another lady runs around with a bucket of used hairbrushes and offers give unlicensed haircuts in your home.  She's posted several selfies of herself in sweatpants and a uhm, very form-fitting T-shirt modelling "bridal" hairstyles.  An updo will run you only $20!  She can drive right over and work tonight if you like.

What kind of town is this, anyway?  But I have to read the boards.  Just. Can't. Stop.

And I have to read the accompanying local "complaint department" boards where people have bought 20-year-old washers from people and are genuinely surprised when they employ their entire family to throw them on the back of a borrowed pickup truck, jostle them across town, inch them down the basement stairs, hook them up... and find they don't work.  

I would snarkily say that I'm selling a half-used packet of adult diapers and that we should meet in the Cityname Target parking lot, but that one's been done before, too.

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