02 September 2015

Homeschool Field Trip - Weston Red Barn

Can you tell it was sunny?  Look at those squint-y faces!
 Yes, the apples are ready to be picked!  We got some buckets and ran out to the orchard.  It's pretty sunny and hot, so I suppose the crowds haven't figured out that it's time yet.  We had the place to ourselves (except for the workers).

More info on their website here if you're interested.

Bringing apples up the hill.

A partial view of one of the orchards.

These chickens were loose and foraging.

A view of the barn from the orchard.

There's a cute country gift shop inside.  Right now they are selling "cider slushies" as well.

Peaches are ripe!

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  1. It looks like a lovely place. Nice and warm there, cold and miserable here.


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