14 October 2015

Crazytown Chronicles: Bullying is Good for Autistic Children!

It's a perk, even.  It increases your child's "life skills," encourages creative problem solving, helps build healthy relationships... the list just goes on and on! 

"With your help, your child can take a negative force and turn it into a positive experience!" writes Karen Kabaki-Sisto.  Her article proudly states that she's been "helping" her clients for well over 20 years!  Yippee!

Next week, maybe she can discuss how torture is pretty doggone great.  I mean, think of all the lessons in perseverance and good character one can learn from all that.


  1. ...I think her point was probably closer to "Bullying is terrible; here are 10 things we should learn from it and do in response when it happens" [sigh] As is, it's totally ridiculous.


    1. I agree. Although I will say this: some of her statements can't even hold water given that premise. I mean, how is bullying going to INCREASE self-esteem? None of the studies done thus far remotely support that statement at all.

      I could (vaguely) see a bit of a sense of accomplishment in successfully dealing with a bully. But that's about it. Especially for autistic children who have trouble in social skills, it's a very uneven battleground.

  2. I don't think bullying is good for anyone, ever.

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