03 November 2015

Huckabee: No Coverage for Useless, Burnt-Out People

No, really.  Huckabee compared people with pre-existing medical conditions to houses that have burnt down. 

"While Huckabee’s statement is troubling on many levels, what seems to bother me the most is that someone who spent much of his life preaching the Word of God would express such a dispassionate and hurtful point of view," Rick Ungar wrote in Forbes.  He's right.  It harms our Christian testimony when we're so unkind to the unfortunate.

Not to mention, people who live in glass houses shouldn't be lobbing boulders about.  I'm no doctor, but this man's weight yo-yo's faster than his political opinions. 

Hey.  If you want to say that private insurers shouldn't have to take on these cases, but government should have an insurance pool for the disabled?  Fine.  If you want to say that you believe in a single-payer system?  Fine.  Make an argument, lay out your points (financial and otherwise) and let the voters decide.

Here's hoping that someone interviews Rick Santorum for a response.  Santorum would wipe his clock and use a bunch of kind words while doing it.  He is a conservative Christian who is (coincidentally) also running for president and stands no chance of winning.  Good guy, though.

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