25 November 2015

Teachin' the 'Tarded

NEA President Lile Eskelsen Garcia wants you to know that they are able to deal with 'tarded people and those children who are "medically annoying" in public schools.  God forbid more children homeschool where people love them and treat them with respect and stuff.  Better leave teaching to the professionals.

Oh.  She also wants you to shut up about that "one thing" you don't think schools do well.  And cough up more money for public schools while you're at it.  People who criticise public schools have grown children or are somehow otherwise out of touch with what goes on in schools.  She also seems to think that feeding kids and teaching them about fairness and "saying sorry and meaning it" is up to the schools because parents just can't be bothered.  Hat tip:  walkersvillemom


  1. She should talk a bit slower so she could be understood, I realise she is going fast for impact but not everyone understand english perfectly.

    1. You can tell that she's a little nervous and that's why she rushes through. She's really a horrible human being for saying such things about little children, though. I'm just hoping people see it and demand her head rolls - imagine the president of a teachers' union calling children "retarded" or "annoying" because they have different educational needs.

  2. I listened and all I heard was all the things that professional people do and cope with in any given school, and that is why there is no "one single thing" that will fix the school system, which is what the man in the middle seat wanted to know.
    She probably could have worded things a little better, but I'm sure she wasn't picking on anyone.
    Also, there are people who don't want to or can't homeschool, so there will always be children in public schools who need medication given daily at certain times and there will be children who need extra help, but still she isn't picking on any particular kids, just stating facts.

    1. Yeah, she could word things better... but out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks, ya know? She just demonstrated what is in her heart.

      There are a good plenty of decent people who work in public schools who don't seem to be personally threatened when someone says this or that ought be improved. Since they work there, they could probably add to the list as they have insider information... :)


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