17 December 2015

Sesame Credit

I couldn't believe this when my son Patrick brought it to my attention.  But it seems to be a real thing.  Wow.


  1. That is scary.
    Really, really scary.
    They're building a nation of robots over there.
    I sure as h**l hope it doesn't catch on anywhere else.
    I wonder what would happen if people realised what was happening and as a nation, they entire population refused to play?

    1. That's just it. SO MANY PEOPLE are ok with us denying visas to Muslims, or having the government look into people's lives because "if it saves just one person"... and so on.

      I don't think the government has our best interests at heart all the time. Anyone who thinks that is a loon. Unfortunately? Lotsa people are loony. :)

  2. ...that is... wow ...

    On another note, I totally played WoW and enjoyed the Rested Bonus [smile].


    1. I know! It sounds so crazy that it can't be true, but there's the BBC article... yeah.


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