04 January 2016

Fun Stuff!

 It's half-price Christmas candy time!  I bought a bunch of candy canes and softened them in the microwave on parchment paper.  Then the children shaped them, waited for them to harden, and gobbled them up with lunch.

We found that 23 seconds worked the best for us.  Too little, and the canes will break when you go to bend them.  Too long, and the candy canes will be nothing but liquid.  We also tried doing this in the stove (disaster). 

It's also time to make mega-batches of Christmas cookies!  I know what you're saying.  "Why now?  Why not at... Christmas?"  Well?  Woodjie had a cold and I get pickety about germy kids touching food everyone's going to be eating.  


  1. Completely understandable about the cookies.
    I gave up eating candy canes the year I bit one and broke half the veneer off a front tooth.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Neat idea with the candy canes!


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