23 January 2016

Is Being a Pain in the Butt a Constitutional Right?

Apparently.  Going up to people's private homes, interrupting their family time and launching into some cult-y spiel is a protected religious activity.  The obnoxious Seventh-Day Adventists are suing the city of White Hall, Arkansas.  They claim having to pay a small registration fee for a permit before soliciting "levees an unfair tax" on the group.

Know what?  I'd like for cities to pass rules that unless you have an established relationship with the homeowner or you're delivering the mail?  You should stay away.  I don't want to buy anything from some weirdo I don't know, and I'm certainly not gonna change my religious allegiance because of a rehearsed speech given by a 20-year-old new convert who showed up at my house uninvited.

But my real concern, honestly?  Is people casing the house.  Once some guy came over and started asking obnoxious questions about how many children lived here and how old they were.  I told him to get the hell off my property and as he's leaving he's marking down that he sees a trike on my porch.

I'm sorry, but that's creepy!

Hey, I'm all for free speech.  And even for obnoxious speech (as these Adventists and the Mormons are wont to do).  Just not at my house, uninvited.  Go away, get off my lawn, and all that.


  1. Being a pain in the butt isn't any kind of right, constitutional or otherwise.
    I have a "Please Don't Knock" sticker beside my front door, unfortunately it also says "No Salesmen please", so the religious callers knock anyway because according to them they aren't salespeople. Grr.

    1. Yes, they are... they're trying to "sell" their version of the Gospel. Meh. I don't mind so much hearing it or whatever, but just not at my house and all that. Hit me up while I'm shopping or something. I expect weirdos in public places. :)

  2. Yep! That's what I told them as I shut the door on them. I'll have to add 'no religious persons' to the do not knock sign.

  3. Unless we are expecting visitors we often don't answer the front door, all our friends go around the back as you just don't hear the door bell if in the garden and I have a sign to say no salesmen please, works most of the time.


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