07 January 2016

Just a Quickie News Story

Now people can "lobby" politicians in all sorts of disgusting ways if a proposed Missouri state law passes.  Yep, sex with politicians in order to convince them to vote on your pet project will be okie-dokie as long as said "gift" is disclosed to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Only thing is, politicians will need a receipt for... you know, proof and stuff.

Unfortunately for every comedian in the free world, said gifts do not need a dollar amount specified.

I'm so glad that our state doesn't have any other problems like unemployment, terrible roads, homelessness or drug addiction to be addressed, and we can worry about who's doing what to whom and whether they get a receipt for it.

Yay for MO state legislators!  Representing us in... interesting ways I suppose.  (You clicked the link because you thought I made this up, didn't you?)


  1. Oh my. Yes, I did click the link--this is really hard to believe. What on earth is wrong with people these days?

    1. They are busy "scoring political points," I guess, instead of concerning themselves with helping the people.

      The jokes write themselves, sadly...

  2. I didn't click the link, I believe what you are saying of course, but what a horrible way to get votes! Where is their self respect? Their respect for others?
    This is a sad situation.

    1. I know, right??! I suppose politics can't get any stranger.


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