27 February 2016

Ask Your Doctor if This Medicine is Right for You!

People are concerned about marketing of pharmaceuticals to consumers.  I'm not.  I'm worried about marketing to doctors.  Don't think for one hot second that getting free lunches, note pads, clocks, pens and other assorted vendor crap can't possibly influence even the best of doctors.  It does influence your behaviour.  I can't prove it scientifically, but it just does, ok?

Once I asked my doctor if some weird-sounding drug was "right for me" as the billboard in the exam room suggested.  Well, he doesn't know what that drug is... they just paid for the billboard with all the leaflets about diabetes, heart conditions, lyme disease and that sort of thing.

I think if he got a free lunch out of it, he'd've remembered what the drug is and does, and would've at least been able to tell me offhand if it were "right for me." 

Have you noticed that all the drugs with the niftiest ads are the most expensive?  Like nobody does a happy commercial about my $4 generic antibiotic. 

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  1. I never take much notice of drug/medication advertisements. I trust my doctor to know what he's doing, but I'm rarely in need of anything except my asthma inhalers. Anything else, like antihistamines and migraine tabs are over-the-counter, no prescriptions needed.


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